Electromechanical workshop in Reus

Electromechanical workshop in Reus Electromechanical Blasco Gomez offers electromechanical services, repair electric motors, winding electric motors in Reus.

Industrial maintenance in Reus

Electrical workshop in Reus Electromechanical Blasco Gomez offers industrial maintenance services in the province of Tarragona.

Repair of electric motors

workshop repairs and winding of electric motors Blasco Gomez Electromechanics in Reus.

More of 20 years experience in electric motor repair.

Comprehensive electric motor repair services, winding and industrial maintenance

Electromechanics workshop in Reus Blasco Gomez

We are the company founded and managed by Víctor Blasco in 1999 specialized in industrial electrotechnics, winding and motor repair, material supply, group installation, equipment commissioning and maintenance. More than 20 years in the industrial maintenance sector in Tarragona throughout the province, our company is consolidated as one of the best in the sector in our province.

Experts in electric motors

For more than 20 years we have selected and trained the best experts in electric motors and industrial machines in Reus Tarragona. Our knowledge and experience allow us to guarantee that the engines and machines entrusted to us to repair are in the best hands in the province of Tarragona..

Our services

Winding electric motors

Winding of all types of electric motors

We have experts in industrial motor winding. Press the button to learn more about the service winding industrial electric motors in Tarragona.

industrial maintenance

Maintenance of facilities and equipment

Quality industrial maintenance is essential for the proper functioning of your company. Count on the best industrial maintenance service in the Tarragona province.

electromechanical repairs

Industrial machinery repair

We carry out electromechanical repairs on various industrial machinery: engines, bombs. fans and other industrial machinery throughout the Tarragona province.

Maintenance electric motors

Rotating electrical machinery maintenance

Electric motor maintenance service in Tarragona for all types of industrial customers, private, residential buildings etc.. Engines, compressors, pressure groups, fluid evacuation pumps and more.

We have technical service for electric motors, bombs, electric tools

Electromechanical workshop in Reus authorized as a technical service

Sale of equipment and spare parts

Electromechanical workshop in Reus and sale of products

wilo bombs


Electric pumps Electromechanical workshop in Reus


Electric pumps Electromechanical workshop in Reus


sales-of-bearings-tarragona Electromechanical workshop in Reus


sale-mechanical-locks-Tarragona Electromechanical workshop in Reus

mechanical seals

sale of fans for electric motors Electromechanical workshop in Reus



Engine ventilation guard


Oil seal

capacitors for sale in Tarragona


terminal board sale in Tarragona

terminal board

Electromechanical workshop in Reus

Electromechanical professionals at your service

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Mantenimiento de motores eléctricos en Tarragona
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