Electromechanical repairs in Tarragona

Electromechanical B.G.. offers expert services
electromechanical repairs in Tarragona

  • Repair of electric motors
  • Repair of rotating electrical machinery

Do you need experts in electromechanical repairs in Tarragona?

Repair of industrial tools and motors

Industrial electromechanical repairs in Tarragona

We repair pumps and electric pumps, compressors, pressure groups, pool pumps, alternating current motors, fans and extractors, rotary industrial machinery, tools etc..

In many cases it may be the case that you need a motor winding. Feel free to contact us, We have the best experts in motor winding.

Repair of electric motors in Tarragona Electromechanics Blasco Gomez

Our extensive experience of more than 20 years ensures competent services at competitive prices in each electric motor repair we carry out.

We have all the current tools for the correct diagnosis and repair of industrial electric motors.

Whether you need a repair on site or if you want to bring machinery or engines to repair them in our workshop, always has the best high quality service.

Save by repairing and maintaining your industrial tools and motors

You can save significant amounts with preventive maintenance and repair of industrial motors instead of replacing them for any failure.


Reparaciones electromecánicas en Tarragona


We have more than 20 years doing electromechanical repairs. We have the experts and all the necessary tools to offer you quality services.


Thanks to extensive experience and continuous training, We have the best experts in diagnosis and electromechanical repairs in the province of Tarragona.


Our first objective is the satisfaction of our customers. That is why, first of all, we take care to offer the best quality in each of our maintenance services..

Experts in electromechanical repairs

Electromechanics Blasco Gómez has been committed to providing high-quality electromechanical repair services in Tarragona for more than 40 years of experience. We are a leading solution provider for electromechanical products, services and repairs for industrial manufacturing. Our staff is made up of specialized technicians who offer an electromechanical repair service, Oriented to solve the problems of operation of the equipment with maximum speed and professionalism. A correct repair of your electromechanical products will allow your full efficiency.

Reparaciones electromecánicas en Tarragona
Reparaciones electromecánicas en Tarragona

Request your budget without compromise

Contact us for any electric motor repair service in Tarragona, be it periodic or punctual.