Maintenance of electric motors in El Vendrell

We are Electromechanics Blasco Gomez, an expert company in maintenance of electric motors in El Vendrell. Offers the best range of electromechanical services at adjusted prices for industrial and private clients.

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Maintenance of industrial electric motors in El Vendrell

We have professionals with more than 20 years of experience in electromechanical maintenance. We invest in continuous training and updating equipment to always be at the forefront among electromechanical companies in the province.


Bet on savings

Maintenance allows you to have significant savings regarding the replacement of electric motors.

In a variety of applications, significant savings are achieved by maintaining and repairing electric motors.

For example in:

  • elevator motor maintenance, freight elevators, workshop lifts
  • maintenance of industrial engines and in production centers
  • maintenance of pump motors of all kinds, compressors, pressure groups
  • maintenance of tools with electric motors and rotating industrial machinery.
Mantenimiento de motores eléctricos en el Vendrell
mantenimiento de motores eéctricos en El Vendrell


We have more than 20 years accumulating experience in the engine maintenance sector. We have the experts and all the necessary tools to offer a quality service both on site and by taking the motors to be repaired in our electromechanical workshop in Reus..


Our extensive experience gives us expertise in the maintenance and repair of all types of industrial engines..

We carry out winding maintenance and repairs throughout the province with hundreds of satisfied customers.


Our first objective is the satisfaction of our customers.

For this, we always offer the best quality in each electromechanical maintenance and repair service..

Bet on maintenance

Proper maintenance of an electric motor increases the functionality of the machine. Whether you operate one machine or an entire fleet, following a proper maintenance plan will give you a longer life to meet the needs of your equipment. Electromechanics Blasco Gómez offers our clients an experienced staff in maintenance of electric motors in Vendrell.


We provide maintenance services for all types of electric motors. Almost any technique for long-term use will require maintenance on the engine.. We eliminate any technical problem in all engine systems. Our state-of-the-art, certified specialists will produce a high-quality engine repair whatever its complexity.. From small electric motors, to heavy industrial engines. To ensure good and long-term operation of the engine, good maintenance is required.

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