Winding of electric motors in Tarragona

company of winding of electric motors in Tarragona We carry out motor windings throughout the province.

Call us for all kinds of jobs such as:

  • Extraction of charred coils
  • make coils
  • Extractor cleaning
  • Isolation and connection of coils

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Experts in motor winding for industrial and private clients throughout the Tarragona province

Winding of industrial electric motors

He industrial motor winding It is a job that requires a high level of technical knowledge and experience.. For this reason, we recommend entrusting only the best professionals in the sector with this work.. At Electromechanics Blasco Gómez we have professionals with more than 20 years of experience in winding for industrial and private customers.

Repair of electric motors

We carry out repairs and winding of pumps, reducing, compressors, rotary industrial machinery, electric tools, etc.

Thanks to our extensive experience in the world of rRepair of electric motors and motor winding, we have been authorized as electric motor maintenance and repair shop by a variety of companies.

The electric motor winding services of Electromecánica Blasco Gómez are one of our main specialties and have made us one of the main leaders in electric motor windings in Tarragona..
Our response time is fast to complete the winding of electric motors. This will give you the security you need, which is our biggest advantage over the larger engine repair shops.


bobinado de motores eléctricos Tarragona
bobinado de motores en Tarragona


We have more than 20 years accumulating experience in maintenance, repair y motor winding. We have the experts and all the necessary tools to offer a quality service both on site and by taking the motors to be repaired in our electromechanical workshop in Reus..


Our extensive experience gives us expertise in the winding of motors of all kinds and rotary industrial tools.. we carry out irrigation pump windings, pressure groups, drills, guillotinas, electrobombas, sanding machines, compressors, etc.


Our first objective is the satisfaction of our customers, this being what allowed us to grow and make us known as a top-level electromechanical company in Tarragona. That is why, first of all, we take care to offer the best quality in each industrial motor winding in Tarragona.

Winding motors for tools and household appliances

We repair electric tool motors, electric pumps, home appliances, air compressors, etc. If the motor needs winding, we do it in our workshop in Reus. We also carry out the replacement of electric motors if this way is more economical for the client with respect to motor winding.

Extraction of charred coils

Repair of burnt electric motors Tarragona E.B.G.

Maintenance or repair of industrial electric motors may need, sometimes, the removal of three-phase winding. One of the occasions when this operation is essential is when the coil is carbonized.

In this case it is necessary to disassemble the motor, remove the coils, identify the characteristics of the coil and the core of a three-phase motor, clean the stator.

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